name: samson
age: 26
bday: 10.01.95
sign: libra
mbti: enfp
location: southeast US
fav colors: blue and green
fav food: korean bbq

im a big silly goose and i love my cat and my friends and looking at little bugs and mushrooms in the forest. i've got a lot of ideas in my brain and i want to share them with everyone in all kinds of ways. i've loved art my whole life and i love to explore all kinds of artistic mediums, the more multi-media the better!! i've been spending a lot of time working on my website (planning, designing, learning, curating) but i also like to spend my time crocheting, hiking, playing with my cat, traveling, watching youtube video essays, making spotify playlists, and hanging out with friends/my partner!

one of my favorite things ive been doing lately is watching naruto with my partner, i was obssessed with naruto when i was in middle school (2007) and my partner has never seen it so we are watching the entire show start to finish! (skipping all the fillers tho so really we're watching like half of it lol) it's been so fun reliving all the memories and nerding out with them

here are some more things i love!

music is a big special interest of mine so i have an entire page dedicated to it here

aesthetics / books / podcasts / movies / shows / manga and animes / video games